Grinding Balls for Mining in Gold Processing Applications

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Ore Type: GOLD 

Treatment capacity: 1000t / d 

Process:Three stages one closed circuit crushing, two stages grinding, all sliming cyanidation, tailings dry stacking

Major equipment: grinding balls for mining, flotation machine, crusher, etc.

Project Description

African customers find the Xinhai mine mounted on the Chinese to inspect, and equipment and technical services Xinhai Group attracted, decided to sign a cooperation agreement with the Fortune Group. The client intended to select the re-election law in the inspection process, but according to local conditions Xinhai company, goes through professional beneficiation tests, eventually the process as all slime cyanidation CIP is the best choice. Final Xinhai superb technology and advanced equipment, high beneficiation indicators, good service has been highly praised partners, so Xinhai group in the African market also got a good reputation for the development of the company in Africa Xinhai broadened a new field.


Design         Scale and product         Beneficiation tests

1. Design

1)Collect relevant information and site-related production process.

2)Processing plant production scale agreed: 1000 tons / day.

3)Xinhai ore beneficiation Institute made optional test report.

4)Unknown condition temporarily by conventional treatment.

2. Scale and products:

New production scale concentrator is 1000t / d, the implementation of continuous operation system, in operation 300 days.

Beneficiation methods: heap leaching coarse particles and fine particles of all slime cyanidation CIP, the last gold hydrometallurgical process.

Product program: 99.9% gold bullion

3. beneficiation tests:

Two ore samples provide customers, defined as PX-2 and PY-3, PY-2  relatively coarse ore particles, PY-3 ore fine clay particles. By heap leaching, re-election, compared to all slime cyanidation multiple test programs, PY-2 ore, coarse ore suitable for heap leach gold recovery program. Ore heap leaching using sodium hydroxide in order to protect the base, the amount of 8Kg / t; sodium cyanide in an amount of 4Kg / t, heap leach time of 168 hours, the gold leaching rate of 88.55%. PY-3 ore samples, fine clay particles scheme for all slime cyanidation recovery of gold. Cyanide ore grinding fineness -200 mesh 82.88% when using calcium oxide to protect the base, the amount of 8 ~ 9Kg / t; sodium cyanide in an amount of 1Kg / t, cyanide time of 24 hours, the gold leaching rate 88.00%.

Flow Chart

Gold CIP Production Line adsorbs gold from cyaniding pulp by active carbon including 7 steps: leaching pulp preparation, cyaniding leaching, carbon adsorption, gold loaded carbon desorption, pregnant solution electrodeposit, carbon regeneration, leaching pulp.It is very useful gold recovery method in mineral processing.

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