How many ball mill containing appropriate?

2015-12-21   grinding mill machine   Views:571

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 grinding mill machine


    Ball mill size depends on the size of the physical and mechanical properties of ore and ore particle size composition of these two elements, the following Xinhai mining equipment for you to answer precautions ball mill equipment.

    Processing of ore hardness coarse granularity, you need to have a greater impact, you need to load size bigger balls; processing softer ore feed size is small, fine-grained product requirements, should be to grind the main, load smaller size ball.


    Production site mill are charged more ball diameter balls, by a certain percentage ratio to handle different sizes of materials consisting of mineral particles. In theory, only to ensure that a certain percentage of the various balls to be ground and the size composition of materials to adapt in order to obtain good grinding effect.


    Overall, the ratio of ball mill is a relatively complicated technical problems. Each concentrator must carefully analyze their own situation, through long-term research, it has accumulated to find out for their own ball ratio.