How to Test the Ball Mill load?

2015-12-31   grinding mill machine   Views:439

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    Ball Mill load test mean without loading the ball and ore materials were idle. Idle time is usually not less than four hours, 8-16 hours before operation can normally required. The longer the test of time, for the run-in main bearing and gear tooth surface will be better.

ball mill

    Several load test shall meet the following requirements:

    1、Lubrication points lubrication is normal, there is no leakage.

    2、Ball Mill main bearing temperature should not exceed 50 ℃.

    3、Ball Mill running smoothly, no abnormal gear noise.

    4、Liners and various transmission parts without loosening.

    5、Departments operate in line with the maintenance requirements.

    After the ball reaches the predetermined idling time, you can stop the ball running, carefully check all the working parts, tighten the liner bolts, eliminate defects found.

    Ball Mill idling no problem, you can load test. Load test to gradually feed until full load. After the normal feeding operation 10-20 hours.

    When the load operation should meet the following requirements:

    1、Work smoothly without sharp cyclical vibration.

    2、Current main motor no abnormal fluctuations.

    3、All lubrication points lubrication is normal, main bearing temperature not exceeding 60 ℃.

    4、Bolt Ball Mill working departments, manholes, and each seal Flange without leaking, leaking slurry and so on.