The Ball Mill "Belly Up" Reasons and Solutions

2016-01-04   grinding mill machine   Views:641

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  The ball mill "belly up" is closely related to the concentration of grinding, and grinding the size and concentration are directly related to the amount of ore. Concentrations are too big too small will adversely affect the normal operation of the ball mill. When the concentration is too large, slow slurry flow rate, while grinding media (ball) impact action becomes weaker. For overflow type the ball mill, its exclusive mineral density may thicken; and lattice-type the ball mill bloating phenomenon may occur, causing the following Xinhai mining equipment the ball mill, "belly up" reasons and solutions detailed analysis.

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  The main cause "bulging belly" of the increase is due to the amount of ore and water changes (reduced pressure), a sharp increase in concentration caused by grinding. The sound becomes dull, can not hear the ball hit the sound, you can see the current decline observed ammeter, indicating the motor for power at this minimum, a ball mill grinding effect has been lost. If not promptly adjust, and soon will cause the metal cylinder body material loss from the mill to the mine blows up (commonly known as lean pull).

  Processing "bulging belly" phenomenon, the operator should not panic. First turn off to the mining machine, stop the mine, the mill open a large rear water adequate, appropriate reduction of discharge water, the overflow concentration grader put up, it aims to reduce the amount of returned mine, mill to reduce the load. After careful handling and adjustment, in general about half an hour will be able to return to normal, the individual is still a serious longer. When the discovery of discharge port of discharge concentration thinning, the amount of discharge becoming less, you can hear the sound of the ball striking the liner; observe ammeter can be found in the current back to normal, these phenomena have expressed "bulging belly" has been resolved. Then, you can restore to the mining and other operating conditions for the ball mill work together properly.