Cylinder Energy-Saving Overflow Ball Mill

cylinder saving overflow ball mill


Cylinder energy saving overflow ball mill uses rolling bearing, greatly reducing friction, start easy, highly efficient energy-saving.

Production Capacity


Work Principle

Cylinder energy saving overflow ball mill slowly rotating it through transmission machinery, material feed end of the cylinder to punch in, since the ball in the cylinder body and the ore itself Paola impact and autogenous grinding, physical can be crushed. Due to the material constantly, prompting the pressure tube material from the feed end to the discharge end of the movement. Achieve product size material is discharged from the discharge end of the barrel.

product structure

cylinder saving overflow ball mill


cylinder saving overflow ball mill

1.  The transmission machinery of cylinder energy saving overflow ball mill substitutes large-scale double row self-aligning roller bearing for sliding bearing, so it is easy to start and saves energy by 20-30%.

 2.  Cylinder energy saving overflow ball mill adopts groove-type circular lining plate that is instrumental in increasing contact areas of iron balls and ores, which enhances grinding action and ore lifting capacity and decreases energy consumption.

3、Cylinder energy saving overflow ball mill is equipped with oil-mist lubrication device which guarantees smooth operation of gears.

Technical Parameters

Motor Power
Max. Ball Load (t)Weight
MQYg 09129001200Y1800L-6153666183514000.25~1.20.714265
MQYg 09189001800Y225M-8224401253520700.25~
MQYg 121212001200Y200L2-6223512207616200.17 ~
MQYg 122412002400Y280M-8455745235217780.26 ~
MQYg 124012004000JR117-8807990241217280.34 ~
MQYg 151515001500Y280M-8455740307522801.4~
MQYg 153015003000JR117-8807253307022802.8 ~951021129
MQYg 153615003600JR126-81108595318522802.8 ~105.41023933
MQYg 154515004500JR127-81309680325423703.5~12.571227500
MQYg 155715005700JR127-813010880325423704.5 ~168.91529359
MQYg 183618003620JR136-81808865368327854.5 ~298.213.834970
MQYg 184518004520JR137-82109750368327855~3310.21937480
MQYg 185718305720JR137-821011009368327856~4012.52242096
MQYg 186318006320JR138-832011690378127756~4514.22545520.5
MQYg 187018007020JR138-824512599378327357~471531.545136
MQYg 187518007500JR138-824512850378327757.5 ~54173049450
MQYg 212221002200JR128-81557235412030835~296.62035963
MQYg 213021003000JR136-81808220422030836.5 ~3692740157
MQYg 213621003600JR137-82108958432030257.5 ~4210.823.544132.5
MQYg 214521004500JR138-8245103504268312110 ~4513.523.642772
MQYg 243024003000JR138-82809023.54836.434907.2 ~9211.522.557455.5
MQYg 243624003600JR137-62809623.54836.434908 ~11013.825.560861.5
MQYg 244224004200JR138-832010204.54836.434408 ~13016.531.563829.5
MQYg 244524004500JR1510-838011132.55091.440658.5 ~14017.53175923
MQYg 246024006000JR1510-845012623.55201.440609 ~180234083869
MQYg 272727002700JR137-628089014786.436207 ~11013.82966201
MQYg 273027003000JR137-628092014786.436208 ~11515.33272415
MQYg 273227003200JR1410-832010729500036208~12015.73283110
MQYg 273627003600JR158-8380107645150362012~14517.73790441
MQYg 274027004000JR1510-8380108705050362012.5 ~152194093441
MQYg 274527004500JR1510-8380116645150362012.5 ~16320.54096196
MQYg 274727004700JR1510-8400118645150362013~170234597605
MQYg 323132003100TDMK630-36630125506750515014~18021.445112430
MQYg 324532004500TDMK630-366301395072005152.595~11032.865141629
MQYg 366036006000TDMK1250-4012501978077005496120~20055102193483


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